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Rampion 2 Public Consultation 2023 response from Selsey Town Council

The Public Consultation into Rampion 2 Wind farm (which proposes to be positioned just off the east coast of Selsey) commenced on Wednesday 20 September 2023 and closed on Monday 6 November 2023.  Selsey Town Council responded on Thursday 2 Novmeber 2023 with the following:

Rampion 2 consultation response from Selsey Town Council

Selsey Town Council supports the need to invest in renewable energy infrastructure, including wind farms. This Council recognises that we have a Climate Emergency. Wind farms need to be located sensitively, taking into account the effect they have on wildlife both above and below the waves, the economic impact of local communities and the land and seascapes of the local area.

Environmental Impact

Above the waves, there are still unknown impacts that wind farms have on the airborne wildlife of birds, bats and insects. Below the waves the disturbance during construction and the vibrations during generation will disturb the breeding grounds of protected seahorses, crustaceans including the famous Selsey crab and lobster, and other wildlife. More research is required to understand and quantify this environmental damage. Beyond the waves, the construction and ongoing maintenance of underground cabling and associated infrastructure, will have lasting impact on wildlife throughout the Sussex countryside.

Economic Impact

Selsey and the Manhood Peninsular supports a vibrant leisure and tourism industry. This forms the core of the local economy. In addition to leisure and tourism, there is a valued commercial fishing community. The impact of environmental damage on the marine environment, seascape, landscape and connected countryside will all have negative impact on the economic health for the area.

The power generation will not bring more reliable, cheaper electricity or financial support to the local economy and those most directly impacted by the infrastructure. The wind farm extension will restrict the safe access to a significant area of commercial fishing. It creates an obstacle to the safe passage of the lifeboat in the event of emergency (especially during periods of poor visibility).

Visual Impact

The proposed extension to the Rampion Wind Farm potentially extends to within 5 miles of the Selsey coastline. The navigation route between the Mixon and the wind farm is less than 4 miles. OESEA2 government guidelines indicate that wind farms should be located at a minimum of 14 miles from the shoreline. OESEA3 guidelines indicate that the turbines of the proposed size (three times greater than the existing turbines), should be located at least 25 miles from the shoreline. To construct this wind farm extension so close to the shoreline and to build such large turbines, will have a negative impact on the beauty of the views from land and sea. This negative visual impact adds to the negative impact on the local leisure economy. That impact extends far into the surrounding areas.


The negative impacts of the Rampion 2 extension far outweigh the benefits of renewable energy production and related climate emergency. The wind farm will be an increased blight on the views of the land and seascapes and will cause detriment to the tourism economy. Tourists will go elsewhere. People living in Selsey and the Manhood Peninsular will be economically impacted in a negative way.

 1 November 2023