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Council Tax Rise of £0.17 per Week for the Financial Year 2022/2023

With the projected pressures of inflation rising in 2022/2023, Selsey Town Council has made the decision to limit the rise in its residents' Council Tax contribution by a modest amount, which for the average Band D household equates to £0.17 per week.  Selsey Town Council has worked hard to strike a balance between providing support for local services whilst focusing on value for money. 

The £0.17 per week contribution will allow the Town Council to meet the increase in its financial contribution to Selsey's Community Warden, maintain the provision of frontline office services, continue to fund the greatly patronised, fortnightly, East Beach mobile tip facilities and improve the management of the seventeen acres of Council owned, publicly accessible land.

Selsey Town Council values the huge contribution Community Groups make to Selsey's well-being. The £0.17 will mean that the Town Council can continue to make grant funding available to empower and enable their efforts which are especially needed as we all try to recover from the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic.

To encourage economic growth and employment opportunities in Selsey, the Town Council will be working closely with partner organisations on initiatives to help support local entrepreneurs.

Residents might be able to get a discount or reduction in their Council Tax contributions if for example they find themselves with no, or a low, income, are disabled or live alone.  There is also support available to spread the council tax payments over twelve months rather than the ten-month period.  For more information on the support available, contact Chichester District Council on 01243 534501 or email .