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Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Results

Selsey's residents voted by a majority for Selsey Neighbourhood Plan when it went to referendum on Thursday 6 May 2021.

For the full results: 

Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Results (PDF) [782KB]

The Selsey Neighbourhood Plan is an extension of the Chichester Local Plan 2014-2029 and is aligned to it. It lays out policies specific to the Parish of Selsey and reflects the needs and aspirations of the Selsey Community. These policies not only cover aspects of local housing development such as Design but also seek to reflect the Historical Environment of Selsey. They also cover important aspects of Society in Selsey, Conservation Areas, Recreational Spaces, Employment Land and Retail Centres. The Selsey Neighbourhood Plan allows Selsey to take advantage of 25% of the Community Infrastructure Levy to provide Selsey with Infrastructure within the Parish. It also closely aligns with the Selsey Town council Business Plan. 

To read more information on Selsey's  Neighbourhood Plan