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The Academy Selsey

28th September 2016 - ITV News Coverage - Follow this link to view the ITV video

Here at Selsey Town Council we're so incredibly proud to have been able to be part of the solution in supporting The Academy and our community during this difficult time. 
It's been a joy having the Year 7 students on site and we continue to be committed in providing support to the school as a whole.

Please note a latest update and statement from The Academy:

Tom Garfield, Headteacher, The Academy Selsey:

"Over the past few days, we have been working closely with our partners in the community, our academy sponsor TKAT, the local authorities and at the Department for Education to make sure we are able to minimise the impact the fire has on our students' education. Our primary focus has been, and remains, to ensure that disruption is minimised and student's education is not compromised as a result of the weekend's devastating fire.

"As a result of this collaboration, we're pleased to confirm that a temporary structure will be constructed on The Academy Selsey site over the coming weeks to replace the devastated buildings. The temporary structure will accommodate all 400 students from early Autumn.  

 "There will be an interim period while the temporary structure is finalised and during this time, provision will be made for students at four locations in the Selsey area. To help students and parents, these are grouped by year group as follows: 

  • Year 7 & 8 - Selsey Town Hall (55 High St, PO20 0RB) and the building which previously housed Selsey works (53 High St, PO20 0BN)
  • Year 9 - The Academy Selsey Sports Centre (School Lane, PO20 9EH)
  • Year 10 & 11 - Bunn Leisure (West Sands Holiday Village, PO20 9BH), with some specialist lessons at Chichester High School (Kingsham Road, PO19 8EB)

"All parents have received a communication today which outlines the details above. Moving forward, we will continue to be in touch with parents and pupils with all relevant updates to ensure there is no uncertainty regarding the provision of education. It's been truly heart-warming to see the support we have received from all in the local and education communities, thank you."

Follow this link to view the latest letter to parents

Please note a statement regarding The Academy Selsey 25th August :

Selsey Town Council has been working closely with The Academy Selsey team in the days since the fire to ensure we could offer our fullest support in accommodating the pupils and staff within the town. We are really delighted to be able to host the Year Seven group in the Town Hall Complex and congratulate Tom Garfield, Head of School and Jackie Shepheard, Deputy Head on the incredible work they have done to put together a plan in such a short space of time. We would also like to extend our thanks to our users for the sympathy and consideration they have shown in amending or cancelling their events to accommodate the school and of course, enormous gratitude to the emergency services and volunteers who attended the fire on Sunday. The community spirit shown in the past few days has been humbling to witness and the staff and Councillors of Selsey Town Council are very proud to be part of and serve such a wonderful town. Becky White, Town Clerk.

Please note the statement from The Academy Selsey 22nd August :

We are grateful to the fire and emergency services for their support in ensuring the fire was brought under control as soon as possible.  

The cause of the fire remains unknown but the police and fire authorities will continue to work with the school throughout the ongoing investigation, working closely with the Academies sponsor, The Kemnal Academies Trust (TKAT), and the local authority.   We will work to ensure that the education of pupils at Selsey Academy is not affected by today's fire.  

We are mindful that GCSE results are due in this week and would originally be collected from The Academy, Selsey.  Following today's incident, We have arranged with local primary school, Seal, (also part of the TKAT family), to be open to pupils to collect their results to avoid any delays on Thursday 25th August 2016 between 10am and 12noon.

We would like to thank the local community for all of their support today and we will continue to provide updates throughout the week.

The school will post further updates as and when they have them - see the academy website for more details